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One North Candles are inspired by my travels around the world. The landscapes and memories inspired me to create scents that are meant to transport you to some of my favorite places. 

All candles are handmade in Los Angeles, California. Using eco-friendly materials and sustainability are top-of-mind and reflected in the whole candle making process from beginning to when it arrives at your door!

One North Candle Co. is owned and operated by Tiffany Lo.


I started learning how to make candles with two friends back in 2011 and eventually we formed Seven Paper Hearts. As time went on, it became very hard to maintain making candles on top of full-time jobs, so the candle making stopped. I maintained the candle making only during the holiday season and hosting an annual candle making party for friends.


After nearly a decade of candle making and encouragement from family and friends, I decided it was time to finally officially start a candle company! And that's how One North Candle Co. was started.

I'm excited to bring candles to you and hope they transport you to a wonderful place from the comfort of your own home!